Local Housing Authorities & Programs


Point of contact:  Anna Gaines @ 817-333-3602


1201 East 13th Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102-5764

Fort Worth area: 817-333-3400
Metro number: 817-429-2209
Hearing Impaired:  Relay Texas 711
Fax: 817-332-4830
After Hours Emergency: 817-534-9927

  • Does not have “preferences,” only set aside vouchers for following programs that are strictly agency referrals.
  • Ft Worth has Section 8 and Public Housing. Some public housing waiting lists are open at this time.  Visit their website (www.fwha.org) and they will tell you which ones are open.
  • Typically participant is given 60 days to locate unit and initiate inspection, however you can request extension in writing for 30 days Remember: Extension has to be given before that 60 days is up.  Extension to be granted only for compelling reasons (illness, etc.).  Participant is allowed up to 2 extensions only, not to exceed 120 days.
  • Section 8 rentals are in the private sector and for Public Housing you have to apply at the property and each property has its own waiting list.
  • Section 8 (Housing Choice Program), wait list is closed.  Visit their website to obtain updated information on status of application (numbers being processed, etc.).  Wait list will not be open for at least 5 years.  Currently, there are over 15,000 people on the wait list.
  • Applicants for set aside programs should contact their case worker/referral agency.

Lottery:  All applications received are given a place on the wait list by computer randomization conducted by the software company.  No FWHA staff is involved in assigning positions on the wait list.

Once an applicant is assigned a position on the wait list, it never changes, no matter what the circumstance. For example, if you are position 5471 and lose your job or become homeless, your position still remains the same.

Set Aside Vouchers in the Housing Choice Voucher Program; all have separate wait lists:

  • Family Unification Program – Must be referred by Child Protective Services
  • Scattered Sites Relocation – Current Public Housing residents in Scattered Site properties whose units are being sold.  FWHA has 85 scattered site units to sell; some residents purchased their units, some were given vouchers to move from the unit, some moved to other Public Housing sites.
  • Visions Homeless Students – Clients who are homeless and attending an institution of higher learning; currently working with TCC students who comply with program guidelines and are referred by TCC
  • Money Follows the Person – Clients ready to leave a nursing facility for independent living; must be referred by DADS
  • Shelter Plus Care – Current SPC clients who no longer need case management and are able to live independently; must be referred by sponsoring agency
  • MHMR – Homeless MHMR clients who are treatment compliant; must be referred by MHMR Homeless Services
  • Pavilion At Samuels Avenue – FWHA-owned Project-Based property; property maintains its own waiting list for Project-Based Vouchers
  • FWISD—Homeless families with children in FWISD; must be referred by FWISD Special Programs
  • Villas on the Hill—FWHA-owned Project based property; property maintains its own wait list
  • Sedona Village—FWHA Affiliated property with Project-Based vouchers; property maintains its own waiting list (55 and older only).

There are also four homeless housing programs at FWHA:

  • Shelter Plus Care – Homeless with disability of Mental Illness, HIV and/or Substance Abuse; must be sponsored by a referral agency, must be homeless.  Call  Betty at 817.333.3552 for specific info.
  • Directions Home – City of Fort Worth housing program for chronically homeless; must complete risk assessment (go to Tarrant County Homeless Coalition for program info/requirements).  For more information , contact Cindy Crain @ in Ft Worth (817-810-9797) or visit their website @ www.ahomewithhope.org
  • SRO (Single Room Occupancy)– Cornerstone New Life Center for homeless men; must be referred by Cornerstone.  Samaritan House – For homeless HIV/AIDS clients; must be referred by Samaritan House. Contact Cornerstone or Samaritan House for intake.
  • VASH (Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing)—HUD/VA program to house chronically homeless veterans.  Must be referred by VA North Texas Health System.  Call Tammy Miller at 214-284-0535 or tammy.miller2@va.gov.


Housing Authority

501 W. Sanford Street
Suite 20
P.O. Box 90231
Mail Stop 28-0100
Arlington, TX 76004-3231

Phone: 817-275-3351
Fax: 682-367-1000

  • AHA has not established any “set asides” i.e.; ear marked vouchers for a special purpose. Arlington only has Section 8 (Housing Choice Program).
  • Waiting list is closed at this time.
  • The amount of time granted to Voucher holders to search for a dwelling unit is subject to the discretion of the issuing public housing agency.  Typically the participant is given 60 days.  Participants may request an extension.
  • Housing Agencies generally have policies that enable them to grant exceptions for extenuating circumstances such as hospitalization (the participant could not search due to hospitalization).  However HUD has set a maximum of 120 days from the date of voucher issuance to return of the Form HUD – Request for Tenancy Approval.
  • If you applied, you can update or check your wait list status by visiting their website.  (Look for “UPDATE YOUR APPLICATION, OR CHECK YOUR WAITING LIST STATUS”).



200 S. Main Street

Grapevine TX 76051



The Grapevine Housing Authority administers both the Public Housing Program and the Section 8 Choice Voucher Program.

  • Application status information can be found online. You may also call 1.877.563.3286 to check your status, we will be directing all calls to our office regarding status to the website and 800 number.
  • All applications taken online on the designated day and time they open. Website is located at: https://www.waitlistcheck.com/application/form.php?ID=507-TX291.  Links will be posted in newspapers, on City Website, at Library, Senior Center and City Hall.  The message on their phone will provide City’s link where the above link is located so individuals don’t have to enter it.
  • Operates Section 8 and Public Housing. The voucher is usual for 60 days with the option to extend another 30 days making the total period 90.  Voucher can be extended up to 120 days with a good reason such as finding a disabled accessible unit but if they can’t find something then individuals are put back on the waiting list until the next voucher is available.
  • Both Public Housing and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting lists are closed at this time.
  • Owns 98 units on 5 streets.
  • Has 83 section 8 vouchers.  Due to shortages, only able to lease 75 vouchers. Portability is accepted but does not absorb ports.


  • Does not have set aside preferences (aging, disabled, etc.).
  • They only have public housing.
  • Wait list is closed at this time.

TARRANT COUNTY (817-531-7640)

Government Housing Assistance

  • Operates Section 8 only.  Once you have the voucher, you have 60 days to secure a unit, however you can request an extension as needed.
  • Waitlist Check will not expire. Please do not call or come into the Tarrant County Housing Assistance Office for status updates.
  • It is important for clients to remember to contact this office in writing with any change of address. Failure to do so will cause you to be removed from the Waiting List.