Housing Glossary/Terms

Project Based Section 8– Project-based assistance limits tenant contributions to 30% of a household’s income.  Assistance is attached to the unit, and stays with the housing when the tenant moves. If a tenant gives up their unit, they give up their assistance.

Visit Ft Worth Housing Authority website @ http://www.ftwha.org to view all project based Section 8 and income based tax credit properties.  Go to top right hand corner of website, and you will see under “Quick Links” How to Apply and then Housing Options to access information.

Public Housing-Public housing that is owned and operated by local public housing agencies and is your landlord.  Your local public HUD provides federal funds to local housing agencies that manage the properties and rent units to eligible low income households.  Rents are restricted to 30% of a household’s income.

Vouchers (Section 8)- Administered by state and local housing authorities, Housing by Choice vouchers are allocated to households that provide a rental subsidy, limiting the tenant’s contribution to 30% of their income.  Individuals are able to take their voucher to a property of their choice that accepts the voucher.  Remember, this type of voucher is considered “Housing assistance”, meaning that your housing authority will not get involved with tenant/landlord issues.    The voucher is available to you, unless you violate policy.  Please visit www.gosection8.com.  Every owner on this website accepts Section 8.

Waiver service or program– when you hear this term, usually refers to a service or program that is funded by Medicaid program called home and community based services (HCBS) waivers.  This includes CLASS, HCS (Home and Community Services).

Tax Credit-In this program, Tenants are required to not exceed income guidelines determined by HUD (for example, 1 person household can’t exceed $29,100) however, tenant still has to make minimum income to qualify for dwelling (FOR EXAMPLE: Tenant has to make @ least 2 or 2.5 times the rent to qualify).

Tax credit properties have units targeted at households with Area Median Incomes (AMI) @ 30%, 50%, and 60%.  Some rents are more reduced than others based upon AMI percentages.  Contact property directly to find out their income qualifications and what AMI’s are attached to their property.


  • An individual is interested in a 1 bedroom that lists for $574.00.
  • Total monthly income: $674.00 (Doesn’t exceed $29,100 income guideline) so individual would qualify based up this requirement.
  • So, let’s do the math:   $574 x 2 = $1148.  Individual would have to make $1148 to qualify for the 1 Bedroom, and in this case he/she would not qualify for unit because they do not meet minimum income requirements.
  • Call property to determine which AMI’s they have on site.

Lottery:  All applications received are given a place on the wait list by computer randomization conducted by the software company.  No FWHA staff is involved in assigning positions on the wait list.  Once an applicant is assigned a position on the wait list, it never changes, no matter what the circumstance.  For example, if you are position 5471 and lose your job or become homeless, your position still remains the same.

Set Aside Vouchers in the Housing Choice Voucher Program; all have separate wait lists:

  • Family Unification Program – Must be referred by Child Protective Services
  • Scattered Sites Relocation – Current Public Housing residents in Scattered Site properties whose units are being sold.  FWHA has 85 scattered site units to sell; some residents purchased their units, some were given vouchers to move from the unit, some moved to other Public Housing sites.
  • Workforce Commission Project WISH – Clients referred by TWC who have completed and complied with Project WISH program (Working Homeless)
  • Visions Homeless Students – Clients who are homeless and attending an institution of higher learning; currently working with TCC students who comply with program guidelines and are referred by TCC
  • Money Follows the Person – Clients ready to leave a nursing facility for independent living; must be referred by DADS
  • Shelter Plus Care – Current SPC clients who no longer need case management and are able to live independently; must be referred by sponsoring agency
  • MHMR – Homeless MHMR clients who are treatment compliant; must be referred by MHMR Homeless Services
  • Pavilion At Samuels Avenue – FWHA-owned Project-Based property; property maintains its own waiting list for Project-Based Vouchers

Homeless housing programs at FW Housing Authority:

Shelter Plus Care – Homeless with disability of Mental Illness, HIV and/or Substance Abuse; must be sponsored by a referral agency, must be homeless.  Call Elizabeth at 817.333.3552 for specific info.

Directions Home – City of Fort Worth housing program for chronically homeless; must complete risk assessment (go to Tarrant County Homeless Coalition for program info/requirements).  For more information , contact Cindy Crain @ Day Resource Center in Ft Worth (817-810-9797) or visit their website @ http://www.ahomewithhope.org

SRO (Single Room Occupancy)– Cornerstone New Life Center for homeless men; must be referred by Cornerstone.  Samaritan House – For homeless HIV/AIDS clients; must be referred by Samaritan House.  Point of contact is Elizabeth @ 817-333-3552.