Client Success Stories

 1.) Since the ADRC of Tarrant County is a collaboration of many human service providers, many of the providers worked together to assist the Jones Family*.The Jones family of three consisted of Mrs. Jones, her adult daughter (age 22) and Mrs. Jones mother (age 72). The daughter has a diagnosis of Autism and was receiving day programming through MHMRTC, MR Services. Mrs. Jones mother, until recently, drove the daughter to the day program and shared caregiving responsibility with Mrs. Jones on an ongoing basis. Within the past month the grandmother hurt her back, was unable to drive and unable to provide some of the needed care to the granddaughter when Mrs. Jones was at work.

The ADRC was able to link the family to a state attendant care program & linked them with a private transportation service for short term assistance.

(*name changed for confidentiality protection)

2.)  In August the ADRC began assisting a client, who was in his 60’s, who needed help paying for doctor copays for prior surgery procedures which Medicare did not accommodate.

According to the client, he had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and needed additional surgery to correct new issues. However, the physician refused to treat him until outstanding co-pay balance was paid in full. ADRC Resource Coach did refer client to Cancer Care but due to the client not being in active treatment, was declined. ADRC contacted CRCG to assist with paying 150.00 co-pay.

As of Mid September, CRCG verified they paid the bill and client was pleased and stated he would call his provider for further assistance.

3.) The ADRC was called by a 22 year-old client who needed help connecting to disability employment services. He was a young man who had multiple health problems and was unsteady on his feet but able to visit the Resource Coaches in person. This client was having multiple strokes due to the nervous system disorder, multiple sclerosis.

Doctors were working with him to control these symptoms but his mother, who was older, did not work and he needed to find assistance with employment. He was already working to get his social security disability established for income and disability determination status through Social Security Administration.

Resource coaches provided referrals to Easter Seals for Supported Employment Services and also referred to DARS for Employment assistance. Upon initial follow up, the resource coach learned that he was now receiving services with DARS and was in the process of being approved for case management and employment assistance. He expressed his appreaciation with referrals given. When asked if he needed further addistance, he stated he did not and the case was closed. This case lasted approximately one month with three to four calls.

4.) A letter was received by St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Bedford from a very despondent lady. The secretary at the church called the ADRC to see if it might be possible for greater Tarrant County to provide her with assistance. There were so many needs addressed in her letter, it was referred over to the ADRC by the church secretary.

Resource Coach called client to get a verbal authorization to seek referrals for her and her family. Client was thrilled to be contacted personally and being told help was being searched for in her behalf. 

Situation: Dallas ISD teacher caught in the layoff from last summer. She fell ill and had to have surgery last fall. This single lady has a 16 yr old disabled son and a 19 yr old – who had been in college until her layoff. At the point she wrote the letter, she had exhausted all resources she had and was writing out of desperation. Her health insurance ended January 31, 2009; she couldn’t afford the medications for her disabled son; disabled son needed dental work; older son quit college to work and help with household bills; her home mortgage is in arrears and close to foreclosure; both children need clothes and shoes; central air and heat went out in the house; food is short and help had been nonexistent. She had even been told she lives in the wrong zip code to receive any assistance. In her letter, there was extreme desperation all stemming from job loss and the domino effect on the family finances.

Tarrant County – ADRC Resource Coach did the following: Referrals

  • Help with mortgage – Housing Opportunities of Fort Worth, Inc
  • Easter Seals for case management for disabled 16 yr old.
  • Gill Children’s Services for assistance with medication costs
  • UTW Education Opportunity Center for assistance with free tuition and fees for 19 yr old.
  • United Community Care for food/clothing/shoes.
  • JPS Healthcare Clinics for ongoing medical help until she can return to work and have health insurance again
  • Child Study Center has a dentist for minors.

Per follow up call, mother was delighted that help was offered on her family’s behalf. She had already managed to visit and get appointments with several of the referrals for food/clothing and shoes. Her son that had given up his dream of a college education was ecstatic it might be possible he reenter his course of study. She was crying because it seemed she was being given a helping hand instead of negative comments. She had set an appointment to House Opportunities at the time of the follow-up call.

5.)   Female consumer, age 55, with neck and shoulder injuries compounded with a MH diagnosis of Schizophrenia called the ADRC June 1st. She needed her ceiling in her home repaired as it had fallen AND plumbing in her bathroom repaired. Her home was in disrepair to the point she would be forced to reside elsewhere. 

Referral by the ADRC Resource Coach to City of Fort Worth for the ceiling repair was originally denied for lack of funding at the city.However, in July it was re-requested and she was approved for the repairs to be contracted. It was fixed to her specification.(The consumer would not have re-requested the repairs if not encouraged by the Resource Coach.) 

The plumbing issue in the bathroom was not covered by City of Fort Worth’s repair program. Resource Coach had to scramble to find a group or individual willing to finance and do the repairs for this lady. Area Agency on Aging and Neighbor Helping Neighbor were not options due to the age of the consumer. Consumer’s memory lapses were also impairing the progress of finding resources because she couldn’t remember sources she had contacted.

Various church groups in city were contacted and Resource Coach was referred to Kiwanis International for assistance.A repair estimate was done and repairs were successfully made by the plumber the Kiwanis hired. All this done to the satisfaction of the consumer!  

Due to requesting assistance from the ADRC staff, our disabled consumer can enjoy living in her home.Now, she has no need to relocate to be in a clean and safe environment. ADRC Resources Coaches went beyond the scope of the CADS to find assistance for her.